Which is the best food in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a landlocked nation organized in the mark of combination of Asia, lined by and routinely mulled over piece of the Middle East. Tenable accomplishments, social legacy attractions and unbelievable scenes are key for Afghanistan’s allure for vacationers.

Individuals from various nations and social orders come to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to taste the most rich and persuading Afghan cooking. Most dishes integrate an interesting blend of fragrant endlessly seasons. They are all around gave meat, which is delicate and tasty, and are normally eaten with naan (flatbread) or plain rice. Follow prozgo to examine more great food.


Aushak is perhaps the most prestigious Afghan dish and is commonly eaten during Ramadan or other Islamic celebrations. Pasta dumplings are stacked down with chives, tomato puree, kofta pashan (minced meat sauce), and some time later finished with a stand-out yogurt sauce and dried mint leaves.

There is correspondingly a veggie sweetheart variant; However, the major recipe coordinates sheep. Ashak is generally eaten in disconnection, yet certain individuals like to eat it with garlic naan to chip away at the flavor.

Kabuli Pulao

Making Kabuli Pulao is incredibly direct as it just takes a few decorations. Because of its comprehensiveness, it is known as the public dish of Afghanistan. A tired cooked dish comparatively combines sheep and sheep with a meat stock called yakhni.

This rice dish requires unimportant flavors and is cooked in sheep fat for added character. Later it is invigorated with raisins and ground carrots for fascinate. A standard dish is a piece of each and every family menu and extreme party in Afghanistan. You ought to similarly know what is savory food.

Afghan kebab

Afghan Kebab is progressed as perhaps the best dish you will whenever taste. It is simply difficult to make yet additionally remarkably brilliant to eat. Kebabs are made in various ways starting with one side of the planet then onto the next, yet Afghani kebabs are astonishing.

Sheep anticipates a colossal part in the decorations, and the red bean stew powder in it flavors things up, so individuals overall return for more. Afghan kebabs can be joined by other boss dishes.


Mantu is a prominent dish of Afghanistan. It is cherished for its dumpling-like appearance and mouth-watering taste. Mantus is a cake hiding stacked with eased sheep. They can be cooked in two novel ways: frothed or steamed.

They are all around finished with yogurt and garlic to overhaul the show. Best of all, you can make them as needs be and esteem them with an assortment of sauces.


Korma may not be the most prominent dish, yet rather a captivating and enchanting dish is constantly served at family get-togethers. It is made using sheep keeping it both norm and heavenly. It is comparably known for its high strong benefit.

It is probably the best dish in Afghanistan, in spite of how it is correspondingly a piece hard to cook. Anyway, it legitimizes ceaselessly and exertion, particularly when sprinkled with some as of late hacked coriander leaves.

Afghan karahi

One gander at Afghani Karahi is satisfactory to make your mouth water. Its flawless show and splendid smell will emphatically entrance you. Cooking it is an expansive coordinated effort including meat (of any decision) as the focal protein, nearby a wide degree of sweet-smelling flavors and vegetables. It is likewise improved with as of late hacked coriander leaves.

Afghani Karahi is a contemporary dish and is incredibly prestigious. Individuals feel an obligation of appreciation thinking about its fragrance and radiant taste.


Bolani is a sort of flatbread, overall prepared or burned. It is piled up with different fillings, either a vegetable or meat blend, or you can continually eat it with yogurt. It is all things considered eaten as a side dish or starter, and is extremely commonplace at birthday merriments, obligation social gatherings or occasions.

It very well may be given curd or mint curd, yet a phenomenally coordinated drink, doug, is the most pursued side for bolani. The wonderful thing about this dish is that it will overall be eaten in a blend of ways: paying little notice to filling, or with a gathering of sauces.

Hafta nuts

Hafta dry normal things are basically similar to a trademark thing salad yet made with seven specific sorts of dry food assortments created from the very outset served in an original syrup. The decorations are raisins, sauerkraut, pistachios, hazelnuts, prunes, pecans or almonds, and plums. This sweet and solid plate of salad greens is one of the most famous treats in Afghanistan by virtue of its high strong benefit and noteworthy taste.


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