Corn Chatpata: A Simple, Tasty Treat in the Fall

There is nothing better than preparing a quick and simple Indian dessert in the fall. Corn Chatpata, or Corn Pudding, is one of the best Indian desserts to create with your family! With no hard-to-find ingredients, this recipe is perfect for everyday cooking.

What is Corn Chatpata?

Corn Chatpata is a traditional Indian dessert made from coarsely ground fresh corn. It is very easy to make and is usually served during festivals. The main ingredients are corn, sugar, milk and ghee, which give the dish a rich flavor.

How to Make Corn Chatpata

Corn Chatpata is a traditional Indian dessert. It is made of ground corn, sugar and salt and cooked with water on the stove top until it thickens. It is served warm or cold. The dish has a smooth texture and can be made for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or a light dinner.

How to Use Corn Chatpata

Corn Chatpata is a crunchy, cold, creamy and delicious treat that can be made in minutes. I love this snack because it’s so simple to make and perfect for snacking when the weather starts to cool down at the end of the fall!

Tips for Using Corn Chatpata

Corn Chatpata is an Indian corn-based sweet that’s often enjoyed with tea during the fall. It’s made with a simple, easy to follow recipe and can be made by anyone.


Corn Chatpata is a delicious, simple snack that is perfect for the fall season. This particular recipe combines three ingredients: corn, sugar and butter, which are all easily accessible in most kitchens. Simply mix the ingredients together with a fork for about five minutes until you get a smooth consistency. Then, spread the melted butter on toast and sprinkle some cinnamon on top!


Corn Chatpata is a simple, tasty treat that’s perfect for the fall. It’s made with cornmeal and honey; you can use different flavors of honey if you want to change it up.

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