A Quick Read On Bulk Paper Towels: Benefits And Buying Guide

Paper towels are a regular purchase in households and even in offices. Most of the time, people prefer ordering bulk paper towels as these are used for multiple purposes. Even though the companies market it as a commodity to clean any spillage, it can be used for many purposes. But among all the other usages, paper towels are also widely used for cleaning or drying hands apart from general cleaning purposes.

Considering the current environmental condition, many people are becoming more vigilant about going eco-friendly and opting for hand dryers over paper towels. But hand dryers are convenient for public places, but what about households. If one is looking for a reason to continue using and buying bulk paper towels, below are few important aspects:

Reasons to use paper towels over air dryers

Bulk Paper Towels
Bulk Paper Towels

Here, specific points have been explored that highlight why households and even commercial places should use paper towels over air hand dryers.


Air hand dryers take too long to dry hands, and even after that, one’s hands do not become complete dry. And because it takes time for even one person to dry hands, many people may put their hands in front of it, which is not a hygienic situation as well.


Buying bulk paper towels is the right decision to ensure hygiene in the workplace and especially in hospitals. These items are mostly for one-time use. Hence, the chances of any kind of hygiene issue is very less.  In fact, the surfaces cleaned with paper towels leave the place spotless. Also, people prefer to use it to turn the faucet off or dry their hands.

Consumer preference

Looking at how paper towels dry the hand faster and are more hygienic than air dryers, consumers prefer to have an automatic paper towel machine over a hand dryer.


Noise is one of the most significant negative points of air dryers. There is no denying the fact that these machines tend to be noisy. Irrespective of how silent the manufacturers claim their machine to be, the noise can be disturbing and damaging too.

More ways of using Paper Towels 

Bulk Paper Towels
Bulk Paper Towels

Even if paper towels are mainly used for hand drying and cleaning, there are many more ways to put paper towels to use. Here’s a list:

Keep greens fresh: Greens and herbs wilt when exposed to moisture. Hence,try adding a slightly moist paper towel to the bag containing the herbs. The paper towel will maintain a necessary humidity level to keep the herbs fresh for a long time.

Coffee filter: Out of coffee filters in the workplace or at home, try substituting it with a paper towel and one will still be able to prepare their morning fuel.

Grease absorber: Paper towels are also very good gunk and grease absorber. After oiling any equipment or machine, clean the surface by running a paper towel over it. All the excess oil will be absorbed and gone leaving the surface spotless.

Things to check before buying paper towels

Before buying bulk paper towels, look for the following things so that one purchases the best lot:-


The absorbing capabilities depend on whether the towel is 2-ply or 1-ply. 2-ply towels are best for cleaning purposes while 1-ply for drying hands.

Lint Free

If one is buying bulk paper towels, they will use them for everything, so go for lint-free towels; this way, they can be used to clean mirrors, windows, and for medical purposes.


As much as absorption is essential, the towel’s durability also matters. Highly durable paper towels will even allow one to use them for deep cleaning and scrubbing purposes.

If people feel like buying bulk paper towels harms the environment, try looking for environmental certification brands. Such towels are more eco-friendly and will leave less carbon footprint. Now, with the relevant information regarding the benefits and use cases of paper towels, you may opt for good quality, eco-friendly pack of paper towels.

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