6 Effective Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Eat calcium if you want healthy bones, Have enough vitamin D for bone health and Take multivitamins regularly if you want to protect your bone health!

These are all the bone health advice we often hear or are habitual of hearing. Have you ever thought about why there is so much emphasis on bone health? Is bone health actually that important? Of course, it is.

Importance of Bone Health

Bones provide structural support to our bodies and ensure mobility. Stronger bones are the essential requirement of a growing person but unfortunately, our bone health isn’t constant. There are many things that can take a toll on our bone health including diseases. Bone disease can range from mild pain to severe problems that require complex treatments according to the best orthopedic surgeon

When it comes to bone diseases, there are various risk factors. Your genetics, lifestyle choices, foods you eat everything matters. Though many of these factors can be avoided, we know that it is really hard to deal with genetic factors. Arthritis is one such disease!

Arthritis- a common disease

Arthritis refers to a group of diseases that is characterized by swollen and painful joints. Depending upon the type of arthritis and the severity of the disease, it can be really hard to live a normal and healthy life with a disease like this. Weather changes can especially make the disease more problematic.

Tips for Arthritis Pain

If you are also suffering from arthritis, here are the tips that might help to relieve your arthritis pain.

1-Weight management

Whenever it comes to a bone health problem, remember that it’s always a talk about body weight. It is commonly observed that people with excessive body weight are more prone to any of the diseases. So, maintaining a healthy step can be your first step toward managing your disease. You can start with smaller steps and begin with clean eating to shed those extra pounds causing you trouble.

2-Get enough physical activity

Many people believe that physical activity is damaging if you are suffering from a disease like arthritis and it does no good to you. However, the facts are quite opposite. Physical activity, no matter to what extent, is fairly helpful in managing the pain due to arthritis and relieves the swelling as well. If you are not habitual of physical activity start with the milder ones and as your stamina builds move to the high-intensity ones.

3-Hot and Cold therapy might help you 

The application of heat and cold in the painful area is a centuries-old home remedy. There is no doubt about the efficacy of heat and cold applications. If you are suffering from arthritis, it is recommended to apply cold and heat therapy alternatively from time to time to help release the joint swelling and pain.

4-Joint massage 

Another thing that can surely help you with arthritis pain is joint massage. Take a few drops of oil and massage it from above your skin. These frequent massages can soothe your joints, releasing tension and pain.  


Acupuncture has been a part of the discussion for quite a while as a pain relief method. In this technique, a specialist inserts thin needles in your body at specific points that can help to release the pain.

6-Focus on your diet 

It goes without saying that you become what you eat and your bones and joints are not an exception to this. Nutritionally sufficient food is a good thing to help you manage the disease. Consume the foods that help to increase the production of a sticky substance in your joints. You can consume aloe vera for arthritis, seeds, nuts, and dairy products to strengthen your joints.

Bottom Line!

 Arthritis is a painful disease and anyone can get affected by this. Though your genetics play a major role in determining your risk of arthritis, other factors also determine your disease pattern and its management. While you can try many ways to help to make your arthritis pain manageable and everything from your lifestyle choices to the food you eat can create a difference.

Be mindful that no matter what treatment you are taking, it takes time to show the result. A good practice can be visiting your physician from time to time to make an informed decision regarding your health.

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