5 Reasons Why Leg Extensions Work

When it comes to strengthening your lower body with a resistance band, there are many possibilities. It can be challenging to find the perfect exercises that will help you reach your goals, but leg extensions are one of the top choices when selecting your routine. Find out why in this blog article!

Why Leg Extensions Work

There are many reasons why leg extensions work. One of the main reasons is that muscles that support your hip, knee and ankle joint tend to get overused from standing or sitting all day. They then become tight and start to limit movement. Leg extension exercises for these tense muscles help to relieve the tension. A second reason why leg extensions work is because they assist in stretching your hip and hamstring muscles which have a shortening effect on those joints. Thirdly, leg extensions work by stimulating hormonal production which helps improve metabolism and control of blood sugar levels (1). Finally, they also help build up muscle mass which can help improve a person’s posture as well as their body composition (2).

What are the Benefits of Leg Extensions?

It is a workout that targets the large muscle groups in your legs, thus giving you stronger and more powerful muscles. It also helps increase muscle mass and tone your calves, thighs, and glutes. You can do it at home, or in the gym with the help of an elastic band. Unlike other exercises that target only one muscle group, leg extensions work out all of them.

How to Train Leg Extensions

Leg extensions are one of the best exercises for building muscle mass in your lower body. It’s a popular exercise because it works more than just your legs. The movement trains your core and more importantly, targets the glutes. If you’re looking to improve strenght and build bigger muscles, this is an exercise that you should be adding to your routine.

Leg Extension Exercises

Leg extensions are a great way to develop the muscles in your legs. They can target the quads, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius. Leg extensions are also great because they work virtually all muscle groups in the lower body and prepare them for other exercises like squats and deadlifts, which target mostly the upper body.


Some people may think that leg extensions are just a waste of time, but the bottom line is that it works. You should give yourself 100% per effort when you’re doing this exercise. Make sure to stretch out your muscles before and after performing the exercise to avoid any injury.

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